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The Trinity Bursary Fund empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from an outstanding education, unlock their full potential and go on to make their mark in the world. Read our bursary stories to see the impact our supporters have made.

Disrupting the Pattern 2023‍

Trinity Partner Primary Schools

Trinity Partner Primary Schools and the Trinity Bursary Fund

At Trinity we understand the impact of an exceptional education in helping young people fulfil their future potential. Trinity has always ensured, through a programme of bursaries, scholarships and local primary school outreach, that access to outstanding educational experiences is available to children from all backgrounds.  

Drawing on our long history of working with primary schools in our locality we have launched a new Trinity Partner Primary Schools initiative. We aim to work closely with this small group of primary schools to deepen the impact of our partnership work. We’ll do this by building stronger relationships with different teachers across the school and working together to identify how Trinity can complement their current provision.  

Pupils from Trinity Partner Primary Schools will have access to engaging activities across the curriculum and throughout the year, as well as being able to enjoy the facilities we are lucky enough to be able to share.  

We’ll form stronger relationships with the highly skilled teachers in our partner schools by facilitating free professional development, offering tailored advice from our subject specialists and curating professional links.   

In turn, our Trinity students will benefit from working with the staff and students from our partner schools with ample opportunities for them to engage in leadership activities such as helping to run our popular Festival of Rugby

We hope that by working together, students at our partner primary schools may be inspired to apply to Trinity, or schools like us. Supporting the Trinity Bursary Fund helps us ensure we can meet this demand without imposing a financial barrier to entry for talented students within Croydon.