Trinity Bursary Fund
The Trinity Bursary Fund empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from an outstanding education, unlock their full potential and go on to make their mark in the world. Read our bursary stories to see the impact our supporters have made.

Disrupting the Pattern 2023‍

Power of the Many

If you are asking yourself the question, "What good will my donation do. I am not a major donor. Will it really make a difference?", the answer is the Power of the Many.

As a collective, all donations, regardless of size, add up to something impactful.  It takes surprisingly few members of a Trinity year group to change the life of a talent Croydon child.

Whether you are a former student of a parent, encouraging a few of your contemporaries to become regular supporters of the Trinity Bursary Fund is a great way of dirupting the pattern of structural inequality in local education provision.


The Power of the Many

The formula shows if the community comes together, the Power of the Many literally really adds up.

Where "n" represents the size of the group, "f" the frequency of the recurring gift, "d" the donation amount and "g" gift aid.

 Let us show you an example.

Sigma 2


if just 12 people in a year group all make a monthly gift of £50 plus gift aid. We raise £9,360 each year which pays for half of a fully funded Trinity Bursary Fund award.

Harness the Power of the Many

Group together with friends and contemporaries and help us disrupt the pattern of structural inequality in Croydon's education provision.