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Alex Lee's Story
Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Alex joined the school in 2010 receiving a bursary award, along with music, drama, and academic scholarships. The school's reputation for music drew Alex to the school and he flourished with the excellent opportunities available to him. In just his first year, aged ten, he sang the role of the Shepherd Boy in Wagner's Tannhäuser for all 11 nights, becoming one of the youngest ever principal soloists to have performed there. He went on to perform in six more operas in the UK and abroad and became Head Chorister, singing with the Trinity Boys Choir in concert, national television, and radio for his entire time at Trinity.

In addition to this, he also played violin, viola and percussion at Trinity, performing Mendelssohn's octet with the London Mozart Players in a side-by-side concert in 2016.

"Receiving a bursary to attend Trinity has opened so many doors for me and given me numerous experiences that have been instrumental to my development (pun intended). The opportunity to attend this school has enriched my life and I am thoroughly grateful to the sponsors who facilitated this and the staff and students who made my experience what it was."

Having gained a music scholarship to the University of Durham, Alex was able to continue his passion for music despite reading Natural Sciences. He regularly performed with the University Chamber Choir, many of the college chapel choirs and two of the university orchestras. He also took part in operatic productions and was a soloist in a world premiere of a cantata commissioned by the acclaimed Cantata Dramatica company. After graduating with a First Class degree, Alex is travelling in Asia ahead of pursuing a career in sustainability.

"After my degree, I am looking forward to using my skills and education to produce a positive impact on society. I have been well equipped by the experiences I had at a young age and know that I would never had them if I wasn't at Trinity. Thank you so much."

Receiving a bursary to attend Trinity School opened so many doors in my life. It has allowed me to experience things that I believe have been crucial to my development. I cannot thank Trinity enough.

Alex Lee -Bursary Fund Recipient - 2010 - 2018